FormStorm Enterprise

FormStorm Enterprise is a form processing software. The software enables users to extract data from paper forms such as application forms, NHIS forms, Questionaries etc. The data captured is then exported safely into a database. The software facilitate the capture of data from paper forms and also improves on the accuracy of the data capture.



The capture process starts with scanning of the questionnaires (or paper forms) into the system. It allows the user to view scanned pages, making changes to the sequence of scanned pages and approve scanned jobs.

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Image Processing

In some cases, pre- processing of images is needed in order to enhance image quality, correct quality problems with the image or to better prepare the questionnaires for recognition. If questionnaires contain different types of forms, they must be either separated to groups of similar types or processed automatically within the system by identifying the forms and classifying them into groups as part of the processing.

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Data may be printed, written, contained in bar-codes or encoded as marks. This recognition process extracts the desired data from the questionnaires.

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Data Correction and Verification

At the conclusion of the data recognition, processed data must be verified and corrected. Inevitably, there may be instances that data cannot be recognized. To reduce and avoid data that was incompletely and falsely recognized, data may be presented to operators for inspection, verification and correction.

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User Management and Control

Form processing environments normally requires one or more users of the system, in order to achieve the desired results. Users are assigned usage privileges so they are able to perform the tasks assigned to them. Conversely, users are unable to log on to system areas to which they have no valid reason to access.

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Data Security

Our laboratory has been setup to ensure that data is isolated and protected from system failures and in correct routing. Safeguards are built into our system in order to prevent data security breaches.

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System Performance Tracking and Reporting

Our System administrators are able to monitor system loads and manage the various aspects of system operated. Performance report is available to provide system managers with performance information, statistics and summaries covering the various system tasks.

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Reduced cost of data entry

A typical client will realize anywhere from 25% to 75% reduction in data entry cost. Depending on your form volume, this could easily translate to as high as tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars annually.

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Higher data accuracy

Even the best of data typists makes occasional mistakes. We are all human. Our form processing laboratory validates data fields internally and against outside data, and provides balancing tools for complex documents such as invoices and purchase orders. The result? More accurate data than you can expect from manual typing.

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More efficient business processes

Since most of the data is read automatically, the overall capture and data entry process is faster and more efficient.

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