Cash Tracker School

The Cash Tracker School is a software designed to enable school managers effectively monitor school fees payment. With cash tracker school the manager can create bills for the students, payments in installments can be tracked effectively, and the debtor can be identified at a click of a button. At every moment the manager can know the financial position of the school.


prepare students bills

The software allows users to create and print student bills for the current term and automatically adds up arrears.

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receive fee payments

The software allows the user to receive fees from students, in full or part payment. Receipts are issued after each transaction.

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generate and print itemised payment

The system has the feature of generating customized,single selection of student fees,bills and payment.

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It has flexible implementation options namely Client for Standalone Implementation (Single User), Standard (Intranet for Company Implementation) to facilitate interactions within the company on the network and Enterprise for Branch Network Implementation, e.g. Banks to facilitate interaction between branches of the company.

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We provide full product support from implementation, training and annual maintenance packages to ensure you get the maximum out of the software.

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The Enterprise Implementation Option, i.e. Headquarters and Branch Implementation Structure provides a highly secure backbone for fast data communication on the network in support of company operations and promotes centralized administration by facilitating Head Office and Branch interactions.

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The system guarantees reduced physical storage since paper documents can be scanned and stored electronically and shredded ultimately, reducing costs associated with storage and office space.

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