Church Management System

It is a fully integrated system designed to assist users manage church members and financial transactions.It boasts of robust security features that prevent unauthorised usage and ensures confidentiality of information.


Track member attendance

The system helps to track member attendance over a given period within the church.

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track contribution payments

The system helps to track contribution payment on a church member or group of people within a given period.

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track pledge payments

Enables total estimation of amounts due for planning purposes and promotes follow-up techniques to ensure payment completion in support of financing church activities.

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push data functionality

Push Data functionality enables easy access to branch data and entire church data, reports as a whole from the Headquarters perspective enhancing effective centralized financial management and planning.

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Member birthday notification

SMS alerts functionality promotes communication and appreciation of church members by sending them messages on their birthday.

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The system helps to generate report for various decision and assessment purposes, such as pledge report, contribution report,tithe reports,attendance report and all administrative and financial data needed within any given period.

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Robust security features that promotes restricted usage and ensure confidentiality of information.

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Electronic sms receipt

The system is able to send SMS receipt to church members who have made payments such as tithes, contributions, pledge and welfare in various department.

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fully integrated feature

Fully integrated system allows you to determine the church financial status at the click of a button, Facilitating the presentation of financial Statements to banks and other financial institutions for loan records for loan purposes.

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We provide full product support from implementation, training and annual maintenance packages to ensure you get the maximum out of the software.

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The Enterprise Implementation Option, i.e. Headquarters and Branch Implementation Structure provides a highly secure backbone for fast data communication on the network in support of company operations and promotes centralized administration by facilitating Head Office and Branch interactions.

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Allows you to focus on your core business. The Pastor has more time doing ministry instead of managing the ministry.

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reduces report delay

The system helps to reduce delays in presentation of Church Financials, avoiding conflicts associated with delays.

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