Sales Manager

Sales Manager is a point of sale software developed for small and medium scale enterprises.With Sales Manager, the shop owner can track sales of his/her products effectively.The software monitors stocks continuously and informs management when there is the need to replenish the stocks.


Notifies you when to take action

It has inbuilt ‘tabs/indicators’ which prompts you to take the right action at turning points/critical points of activities such as consolidating or terminating a sales deal or product.

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Good sales reporting

The system has very elaborate, numerous standardized reports which gives instant overview of sales performance and more.

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Good looking, visual interface

The system has an attractive user interface and gives the user a comprehensive view of the sales situation, boosting usage satisfaction. The appealing design encourages the user to know which deals to focus on and which contacts to be emailing, or calling.

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Easy to use

The sales management system is simplified and easy to use but very effective in managing sales deals and contacts. It is user-friendly and very interactive. It addresses all day-to-day business scenarios.

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It has flexible design structure and tools which can easily be customized to suit the customer’s needs, and integrates with all the tools you need for running your business, boosting sales turnover.

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Restore functionality enables restoration of data in the event of a disaster

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Electronic storage significantly reduces company operational costs by cutting down on purchase of paper for documentation purposes.

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We provide full product support from implementation, training and annual maintenance packages to ensure you get the maximum out of the software.

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