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Software Development

3C Tech develops cost-effective, efficient solutions that solve all nature of problems and increase productivity ranging from Standalone solutions to Enterprise solutions taking the business culture into consideration. The software solutions are simplified and easy to use but very effective. 3C Tech software solutions offer flexible design structure which can be easily further developed when client companies undergo expansions or diversify operations and can be integrated with custom in-house systems to suite client’s needs.

Based on the fact that 3C develops and maintains the systems, any specialized reports and customizations can be easily provided to improve customer satisfaction.
We provide excellent after sales support, maintenance and training to ensure that our clients enjoy the best of services.

3C Tech provides highly efficient software solutions based on modern leading edge client server and web based technologies to a varied range of clientele including:

• Forms Processing Software
• Document Management Software
• Document Archiving Software
• Schools Management Software
• Church Management Software
• National Coordinates Management Software

Our systems have passed through the entire software development life cycle and have been well-tested over the years to meet international standards.

3C Tech systems are highly secure and thrive on robust database technologies promoting capacity to store large volumes of data and have in-built audit trails.

Database Development

3C Tech solutions are developed based on highly secure, robust, modern, State-of-the-art database technologies which promote data reliability and integrity. 3C Tech solutions have capacity to store large volumes of data with robust in-built security and search engines to support instant retrieval of data. The solutions are based on flexible well normalized database designs which can be further developed when necessary.
3C Tech solutions incorporate regular backups and Disaster Recovery Planning Procedures to ensure that the data is safe.

Document Archiving

3c Tech provides leading edge IT services to establishments and the community, including Document Archiving Systems. This is a Document Archiving System (namely 3C DocuHold) used to track, manage and store documents in electronic formats, reducing paper consumption. It is capable of keeping a record of the various versions created and modified by different users (history tracking). It is a very dynamic system which facilitates organized storage and instant retrieval of large volumes of documents, boosting productivity.

It has outstanding features including the following:

1. It has flexible implementation options namely Client for Standalone (Single User), Standard (Intranet for Company Implementation) to facilitate interactions within the company on the network and Enterprise for Branch Network Implementation, e.g. Banks to facilitate interaction between branches of the company.
2. It promotes storage and categorization of data files under Customer, Title, Branch, and Department for enhanced organization and retrieval of data.
3. It has Document Level Security which restricts User Levels to specified document categories depending on the level of confidentiality and Functional Level Security which determines which roles are permissible to various User Levels, helping to keep control.
4. Check-in/check-out and locking techniques to coordinate the concurrent editing of a document so one person’s changes don’t overwrite another’s.
5. Version control, so bookmarks can be kept on how the document evolved and how it differs from previous versions.
6. Rollback, to ‘reinstate’ a prior version in the event of an error or premature release.
7. Audit trail, to facilitate the investigation of who did what to a document during its lifetime in the system

Document Scanning

3C Technologies provides scan, search and store solutions for all types of documents. 3C Tech converts your paper documents into electronic files, increasing efficiency whilst reducing operational costs. 3C Tech’s Document Scanning Bureau is customized to your needs, your electronic data can be securely conveyed on physical media or secure web distribution. Some of the key benefits are: Secure Simple
Fully Indexed
Cloud Storage
Easy to Retrieve
Discharge of underutilized space
Increased discover-ability of organizational data
Improved disaster Recovery plan
Capability to Share Electronic Documents
Paper Documents Safely Destroyed upon Completion

The Document Scanning Bureau service is easy to use. The documents that you create, receive and store are bar-coded and stockpiled by 3C Tech before being digitized, stored and securely destroyed.
The Document Scanning Bureau service converts your existing paper records into digital formats and enables you to instantly convert the documents, invoices and files you create and receive into digital copies and store them with the rest of your documentation as electronic files.
With this service you instantly gain access to thoroughly indexed, easy to retrieve and share electronic documents and reduce document storage space and costs.
When the hard copies of your documents are no longer required the service will securely and completely destroy the paper copies.
Document Scanning Bureau, addresses all of your document storage problems.

Intelligent Form Processing

3C Tech provides Intelligent Forms Processing, a solution for capturing data from paper forms. 3C Tech Intelligent Forms Processing (IFP) is a comprehensive document processing solution for extracting data from paper forms. It comprises a suite of applications with all the functionalities required to implement an enterprise-wide solution: Scanning and image import, Forms processing (form recognition and OCR/ICR),
Data verification / entry,
Data export,
Reports and monitors,

Industry Solutions
IFP guarantees specialized capabilities for tax processing, medical claims processing and EOB forms.
Remittance Processing
IFP promotes remittance processing, through an organized process for extracting check amount data, or, for more advanced processing, through an integration with high class 3rd party remittance processing systems.
IFP offers a controllable import/export procedure for offshore outsourcing, with an optional computerized file transfer, and reconciliation reports to monitor documents and manage turnaround time. IFP’s data quality control (QC) process can be turned on to monitor and improve error rates.
Since 3C Tech develops the IFP solutions, it can be customized as required by including special validations/procedures and integrating with custom in-house systems to suite client’s needs.

Corporate ICT Training

3C Tech provides top class ICT training with very experienced professionals in serene lecture halls with modern standard equipment and facilities. The training is designed to meet all specialized needs and equip participants with intensive practical hands-on sessions geared at boosting their productivity at the office. There are follow ups and coordination with trainers to ensure successful progression.
Our training methodologies and materials are reviewed regularly to meet the job market and global standards.
We provide high quality and overseas training for our training professionals to ensure that they are competent and up to industry standards.

3C Tech provides both In-company Training and External Training at Company Premises.
In-company training programs are cost-effective in upgrading and motivating your team and are designed specifically to meet the needs of your team and your budget.

Alternatively our expert trainers can create and deliver courses at your company premises to meet the specific needs of your company.

3C Tech Training Programs have the following excellent features:
• Courses fully supported with pre-course assessment, post-course action planning, evaluation, notes and slides and follow-up.
• One-to-one call coaching or post training coaching sessions are accessible.
• Recommended programs give the option to channel training to qualifications.
• Expert trainers can customize all our standard programs or design a bespoke course for you.
• Outstanding feedback for our dignified trainers.
• Corporate membership arrangements for large departments with massive discounts on training and bunch of services.

Education Support Services

3C Tech develops and provides quality professional learning and development (PLD) with and for educators to boost outcomes for all learners. We have exceedingly committed and experienced facilitators who tap on current research and practice to improve educator’s capability within schools and establishments. 3C Tech provides support through professional development for teachers and school administrators:

Our Services include:
• Expert Partners supporting Communities of Learning (COLs)
• Primary Professional Learning and Development (PLD)
• Secondary Professional Learning and Development (PLD)
• Provisionally Certified Teachers (PCTs), Overseas Trained Teachers (OTT) and Mentors
• Workshops/Courses
• Consultancy

The aims of 3C Tech’s Educational Support Services are:

• To improve the quality of teaching and learning through the provision of professional development and support for personnel working with students with special educational needs in a variety of settings – mainstream primary and post-primary, special schools and special scenarios.
• To design and deliver a range of professional development initiatives and supports for school workforce.
• To reinforce and co-ordinate existing professional development and support.